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A drawing of a woman with a ponytail leaning on her hand. She has a red stripy top on.

Elaine Smith


Elaine is Mark’s girlfriend. They had been dating for three years when Mark had his accident. She is a teaching assistant in a primary school.

In 2017, at the time of Matt’s accident, she is 28 years old.


Elaine is always amazed at how many people are surprised she stayed with Mark after his accident. Often they assume as she is ten years younger, and he is now paralysed, that she will move on and get a boyfriend her own age, who is not disabled. She is even more amazed how many people assume she’s his carer, or congratulate her on being brave. She usually snorts derisively, or gives them an earful, depending on her mood that day.

She met Mark when he was decorating her parents’ bathroom. She’d already moved out by then, but kept coming back to check on him to make sure he wasn’t scamming them.

Mark moved in with her after his accident, and then they moved to a bigger, more accessible house, shortly afterwards. Elaine fell pregnant with no intervention, something her mum is weirdly proud of and insists on telling everyone, much to Elaine’s dismay. Annie is born in early 2018, and both Pip and Matt attended the christening.


Elaine is named after a family friend of Ian’s. The first family event Chloe was ever invited to was a party at Elaine’s house, and she still has a post-it note Ian’s mum wrote asking if “his girlfriend” would like to attend. Elaine is one of the nicest people Chloe, or anyone else probably, has ever met.