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A drawing of a smirking boy with black hair and a purple top.

Emery Atkins


Emery is Matt’s oldest friend, as well as Callum’s boyfriend.


Emery was born in December 1998, the same month as Matt. Their mums became friends when they both ended up in the same class at primary school. They’ve always been in the same class together, usually by coincidence, sometimes because Emery’s parents have requested it.

Emery is intensely shy, which is often taken by people as anything from grumpiness to downright arrogance. He’s aware how people misconstrue him, but it doesn’t stop him from being honest. He can seem quick to anger, but it’s usually passion, and he’ll apologise as soon as he realises he’s wrong, usually giving his reasoning. This is why Mrs Atkins often requested he was in the same class as Matt, as Matt’s presence can usually calm him down, and if not, Matt can translate his actions or words and stop things from escalating,

He’s never been interested in sex, but never really cared what people thought either. He always knew he was only interested in men, if anyone, and although he and Matt tried dating, at Matt’s request, it didn’t really work out. Emery told Callum later that he considers Matt more like a brother than anything, which made the whole thing a bit weird.

Emery is incredibly intelligent, and excels at most things he enjoys (and largely ignores things he doesn’t). He plays the violin at the highest level, and plays in the school orchestra. He enjoys foreign films, opera and classical music, as well as writing poetry. He wasn’t popular at school, because a lot of people took him to be a “snob” and “up his own arse”.

When he first met Callum, he thought he was a bit of an idiot, but was also drawn to his likeable manner (as is everyone). Once he realised Callum was into a lot of different music, and also open to trying new things, and giving brutally honest opinions on them, they became firm friends, and eventually started dating, The dating was mostly Callum’s idea, but Emery enjoys spending time with him, and he doesn’t hate hugging or kissing him, so it works well for them both. At first, it was an open relationship at Callum’s request, but as time went on, Callum decided he wanted to be exclusive to Emery, which seemed okay with Emery.

Eventually, Emery went to Liverpool university, mainly because of the culture in the city and he knew there was a good orchestra he could join. Callum adores the fact he can go to visit somewhere that seems really exciting to him, especially as it’s such a city of music.

Emery is probably on the autistic spectrum, but he has no thoughts about this, personally, and no interest in finding out about it. He is how he is, and if people don’t like him, he really doesn’t mind. The people around him, however, including all his teachers, all have their suspicions.

Important events in Incomplete[]

We first see Emery in Volume 1, chapter 6, when he and Callum pick up Pip and take him to the hospital to meet Matt for a night out at the pub. He seems immediately suspicious of Pip, and after leaving the pub, he takes him to one side to ask what his intentions are with Matt.

It turns out, Emery has got the wrong idea about Pip, mainly due to rumours he heard about him while at high school. He apologises, but also tells Pip not to hurt him. Pip is a bit scared of Emery, but understands it’s because he cares about Matt.

Emery then returns in Volume 3, chapter 19, when he attends the charity rugby match as the official photographer, and again in chapter 24. By this time, Emery is in Liverpool at university, and his angry phone call makes Pip realise he isn’t dealing with his emotions very well, and that his behaviour is at odds with his feelings,


Emery isn’t really based on anyone Chloe knows, he’s more an exaggeration of some aspects of people she knows that often get misunderstood. In the original story, he was based loosely on Akaashi Keiji from Haikyuu, but has since developed into his own character. His appearance has retained a lot of aspects of Akashi’s, most notably his wavy hair.