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A drawing of a man with short black hair, glasses and a blue jumper.

John Archer


John is Matt’s dad, and is married to Tina.


John was born in Kent in the 1950s

John works as a geography teacher at Corvus Christie, Matt’s school. He met Tina at university, where he was working as a lecturer. There was no scandal when their relationship became public, but John still decided to leave the university to settle down and start a family with Tina.

It took them five years to have a baby, after two miscarriages and lots of disappointing fertility appointments. Because of this, they can both be very protective of Matt, some may say over-protective. Matt’s accident amplified those feelings, and at first they were distrustful of Pip and his intentions. Over time, the two of them listened to what both Matt and Pip have told them, and seen how good they are together, and are reassured.

They’ve never had any problems with Matt’s sexuality. Matt came out to them before he came out at school, partly because of his dad being a teacher there, and they accepted it immediately.


John is a teacher at Matt’s school, like Ian’s dad was. Even though Matt is based on Ian, Tina and John are not based on Ian’s parents. Some of the things that happen are based on things that happened, but have been exaggerated or slightly changed for dramatic effect.