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A drawing of a man with short hair, wearing a dark red top, holding a pint of beer.

Kris Kelsey


Kris is one of Pip’s two best friends, the other being Robbie. They all met on the first day of school at orientation, but only really got close during sixth form when they all joined the Community Volunteering group.


Kris’ father is Croatian, his full name being Kristo (he finds having both of his names ending in O ridiculous). His mother is English, and he shares her surname. They are not married, and he was brought up by his mother alone. His mother married someone else when he was six, and he has three step-brothers and a step-sister.

His best friend is Robbie, who he met on the first day of school as they were in the same form. Kris and Robbie have been friends with each other, and not many other people, ever since. They have other friends, of course, but the two of them are inseparable. No one was really surprised when they started dating, or when they split up, or when they got back together again five or six more times, to be honest. They make sense as a couple, or friends, or enemies for that matter.

Kris has always known he is gay (and that Robbie is bisexual, despising insisting on being straight for a good couple of years), but is not out to his family. They just think Robbie is his best friend, and joke a lot about how they’ll probably have to get a massive house for them and both their wives to live in when they’re married. These jokes enrage Robbie, but Kris shrugs it off, and this can be a source of some of their arguments. The rest of them are about FIFA and who made a mistake reading the map on their long weekend hikes.

Eventually, when Robbie goes to university and Kris stays in their home town, they grow far enough apart that they split up permanently. Kris never really settles down, although he does come out to his family. He’s happy being an eternal batchelor, and has a fulfilling social, sexual and professional life.


Kris and Robbie’s group chat with Pip is named the “Pain chat”, a reference to the group chat Chloe shares with her beta readers Rachel and Katie. Other than that, both Kris and Robbie are complete figments. In the original story, these two characters were on the same team as the character Pip is based on, but now they do not even share sport in common.