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A drawing of a boy with black hair and a stripy blue top

Matthew Archer


Birthday; 26th December, 1998

Favourite food; anything with tomatoes, especially Mexican

Likes; watching films, reading, Siamese cats

Dislikes; liars

Sexuality/Gender; cis male, gay

Myers-Briggs type; ISFJ-T


Events pre-Incomplete[]

Matthew, or Matt for short, was born in 1998. He has lived in a suburb of Milton Keynes since the age of ten. His parents decided to move before he started high school, originally coming from further north in Northampton.

He attended Corvus Christie boy’s school, from September 2010, a high school split into two (boys and girls) fairly close to his house, He played rugby on the school’s team from his first year, right up until his accident in April 2017.

His mother, Tina, is a personal assistant to a lawyer, and his father, John, teaches Latin at the Corvus Christie girl’s school. They met in Northampton at university, and were married for five years before finally having Matthew. They always wanted more children, but unfortunately it was not to be,

His best friend is Emery, who he has known since the first day of school. Their mothers became friends first, but then the two boys got along well and stuck together throughout school. He’s also close to the rugby team, especially Rick, their captain and in his school year, and Nick, who is a year younger,

Matt always knew he was gay, but did not come out until sixth form. He first came out to the rugby team, who have been supportive, and his coming out prompted a lot of other team members to also come out as either gay or bisexual. He and Emery tried secretly dating for a while when they were about 14, but they found it a bit weird as they’re so close and have known each other for so long, Other than Emery, Matt has no other experience with boyfriends, and he’s never been interested in girls.

Events during Incomplete[]

During a rugby match in April 2017, Matt received a spinal injury. His spinal cord has an incomplete injury at the C5 level, meaning although he has some faint sensations below his injury, he’ll never be able to walk. He has some feeling in his hands, which means he can use an electric wheelchair with some success. Generally, he prefers being pushed because it’s just easier.

He returned to Corvus Christie in September 2018, and graduated the following year, having already completed a year of his A level work prior to his accident, He received three Bs, in Maths, Physics and Geography.

After graduating, he went to Lancaster university in 2019. He chose Lancaster because of the accessibility, and liked the flexibility of their degree programme, particularly because he had no idea what degree he really wanted to do. In the end, he did Geography because it interested him. As Pip was already studying at the university, they shared a flat for the whole of his three years there.

Events post Incomplete[]

He graduated from his three year degree course in September 2021, and Matt proposed to Pip shortly afterwards. Pip had previously proposed on a holiday in the summer of 2018, but Matt asked him to wait.

Matt starts intermittently writing a blog about his life as a gay, disabled teenager while at university. He asks Emery to help him with it as it’s difficult to edit it alone, Emery tells Matt that what he’s writing is important, and encourages him to develop the idea further. Eventually, this blog becomes the basis for a film script, which Matt writes while doing a variety of freelance work (such as proofreading, coding, and copywriting).


Matt’s personality is loosely based on Ian McGenn, as well as Ennoshita Chikara from Haikyuu. His appearance (and birthday) is based more on the latter, especially his black hair, but he has blue eyes.