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A drawing of a boy with a hat pulled down on his head so far his orange hair is in his eyes. He’s smiling and wearing a red and white striped rugby shirt.

Nick Hinton


Nick is a year younger than Matt, and is in lower sixth form. He is on the same school rugby team.


Nick is friendly and loves everyone and everything. He constantly smiles and has literally no enemies. He adores Matt, and really looks up to him. He was devastated by the accident, often blaming himself for doing something wrong (he didn’t) but was also the only team member to visit ever single week until Matt was out of hospital.

He is currently dating Tan, another member of the rugby team. He also introduced the captain of the rugby team, Rick, to his friend Suni, and they’ve been dating ever since,


Nick is loosely based on Hinata from Haikyuu, particularly his orange hair and smiley disposition,