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A drawing of a boy with messy yellow hair

Philip Oliver


Birthday; 20th April, 1999

Favourite food; basically any snacks, he’s not fond of meals. Eats a lot of fruit.

Likes; loud singing, loud music, loud shirts

Dislikes; quiet, pranks

Sexuality/Gender; pansexual demiboy (usually just says queer for ease)

Myers-Briggs type; ENFP-T.


Events pre-Incomplete[]

Philip, or Pip for short, was born in 1999. He has lived in the same house his whole life, a modest, two bedroom detached house in a suburb of Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury.

He attended St Judes high school, from September 2010, a small boy’s grammar school a short bicycle ride from his house, He played rugby on the school’s team from his first year, until eventually making their first XI during sixth form, from September 2015 until June 2018. During sixth form, he participated in many activities outside of his studies, including volunteering at Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he visited lonely patients as well as working on the help desk. He mainly started doing this for his university applications, but then he enjoyed doing it.

His mother, Tammy, is the secretary at his old junior school, which was really embarrassing. His father worked as an architect, until his premature death from cancer in December 2014, when Pip was only 15. After this, he dyed his hair black and went through what everyone around him refers to affectionately as his “emo phase”. Pip got on well with his dad, and eventually started wearing his collection of loud shirts after his death as a way to be close to him. On the day he dyed his hair blonde and came downstairs wearing a shirt patterned with small sailing boats was the day, his mum knew he was going to be okay.

His best friends are Kris and Robbie, who he has known since the first day of high school, although they only got close during sixth form when they all volunteered together in the same group. He met Callum when he joined the school in his third year; they both ended up playing rugby together, and have been close since then.

Pip figured out he was bisexual at high school. He’d never really had a serious girlfriend or boyfriend, even though he has had several intensely close relationships with both genders, and he “dated” Callum for a while. Matthew is the first person he has been properly in love with. He is also a Demi-boy, and would describe himself as pansexual.

Events during Incomplete[]

He graduated from St Jude’s in June 2018, with three A levels (biology B, design technology B and English D). His teachers were disappointed in his grades, but put it down to his father’s death, despite them already using that as an excuse for his bad GCSE grades. He easily got a place at his first choice university, studying Biology, which he eventually turned down as it was in Brighton, and would be too far away from Matthew.

After leaving school, he worked as a postman for a year so he could continue to see Matthew. Eventually he decided to change his university of choice to Lancaster, and started attending in September 2018.

Pip trains as a physiotherapist after becoming interested in the idea after seeing Matt with his physio, Gill. She encourages him to follow this career path, and he excels in it.

Events post Incomplete[]

At university, one of the men in his first flat share moves out, leaving a spare room, into which Rupert moves. Rip becomes his closest friend while at university, and into adulthood.

He turned 21 in April 2020, during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Matt got him a Siamese cat for his birthday; this was a compromise because Pip asked for a dog.

He graduated from his four year degree course in September 2021, and Matt proposed shortly afterwards. Pip obviously said yes, having been waiting for him to ask since summer 2018, when he told Matt he wanted to marry him, and Matt told him they should wait.

Pip is an undiagnosed autistic, as well as having ADHD. The ADHD was diagnosed as a child, but his mother didn’t want to medicate him. Pip eventually starts medicating his ADHD in 2029, at the age of 30, when his autism is also eventually diagnosed.


Pip’s personality is loosely based on Chloe McGenn, as well as Terushima Yuuji from Haikyuu. His appearance is based more on the latter, especially the dyed blonde hair, black earring studs, and tongue stud.