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A drawing of a woman with short hair and glasses, winking. She has turquoise eyes and striped top on.

Rita Snare


Rita is one of the senior nurses at the spinal unit Matt is admitted to.


Rita is in her forties (that’s as accurate as she will ever be, even when she turns 50) and a lesbian. She is progressive and incredibly sex positive, which is why she made a room on the unit for the patients to book for conjugal visits, named the Guttman room, after Ludwig Guttman.

(Author’s note: I have no idea if such a room does, or ever could exist in a spinal unit. I tried to find out if it did, but spinal units are very busy and some random woman ringing to ask questions about patient’s sex lives isn’t at the top of anyone’s agenda when they’re saving lives. I suspect there wouldn’t be room or funds for a whole room to be put aside for patients to have sex. However, this room did exist in the film The Waterdance, and it should exist in all spinal units.)


Rita is named after the sister on the children’s ward where Chloe stayed when she broke her leg as a child, and her surname is taken from Chloe’s most sex positive friend, who also gave her a lot of help with advertising the first Kickstarter.