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A drawing of a boy wearing a hooded top

Rupert Shelzie


Rupert meets Pip at university, and they become firm friends. His nickname of Rip came after meeting Pip, as did his bisexual realisation.


Rip is from a fairly big family background. Dad (Kevin) had been married once before and had two daughters from his first marriage (Natalie and Sarah). Kevin then married Rip’s mum, Carole, and had two sons, Rupert and Thomas. Carole and Kevin divorced when Rip was 7. It was not an amicable divorce, with a lot of bitterness on Carole’s side, and a lot of backbiting. Despite this, Rip is very close to his sisters and brother, although he doesn’t see them as much as he would like what with being away at uni.

Rip was what he considered to be a high achiever, but as he would discover years down the line, this is because he has been anxious since the day he was born. On his first half-day of primary school, Rip came home crying because he couldn’t write his name yet and he thought that meant he was stupid and he’d never be able to do it.

Rip is queer, probably pansexual, but he doesn’t quite know yet. It took him until his final semester of first year of uni to figure it out - until then he’d just “enjoyed kissing boys because their stubble felt nice”. In his life, he’s had more female partners than male, and he struggles with feeling like a “fake” because he can “pass” as straight.

Rip has been low-key struggling with depression since age 14-ish, after being bullied for years for being fat, ugly, and smart. He has also been low-key struggling with anxiety since day one, basically.

Rip has got to be pretty excellent at putting on a brave face and faking confidence. He only lets his guard down around people he’s comfortable with - everyone else sees him as a confident, outgoing, funny dude.

Rip has a habit of changing his appearance when significant things happen in his life, although later into his 20s he settles on the vintage aesthetic and embraces it, however he still feels fake and like he’s just pretending.

He’s great at giving advice but terrible at listening to his own advice. He can’t take a compliment without feeling supremely uncomfortable. He’s the king of self-deprecating humour and often puts himself down as a way of detracting positive attention away from himself.

His biggest fears are dying, failure, and spiders.

Favourite colour is red but wears a LOT of navy blue.

Loves comedies and action movies, claims to hate rom-coms but can be found watching the odd one with his sisters. Doesn’t really like horror movies but will watch them when the mood takes him.

Loves musicals, loves operas, loves the theatre and loves to sing. Wishes he had kept up with being in a choir and is considering joining a church choir.


  • Only adopts the Rip nickname after meeting Pip because he thinks it’s hilarious. Usually goes by Rupes, Ru, Rupee, or his middle name, Louis (Lou). Basically never goes by Rupert unless he’s in trouble with his mum.
  • Studies psychology at the same uni as Pip.
  • Born August 8th, doesn’t believe in star signs until he does and then looks at it like “oh my gosh that’s so me” even if it’s vague af. Also has a tendency to say “I’m a classic Leo” as if it means anything.


Rip was written in as a character after Chloe suggested to a friend that they have a character in Incomplete that serves a similar purpose as Pip does for Chloe. The friend then went away and wrote a complete character profile for him, while Chloe drew what he looks like. He has a red streak in his hair as a tribute to the friend.