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Tammy Oliver


Mother to Philip. Has a crush on George Cooney.

Likes: reading, white wine, pretzels, going to her book club, gardening.

Dislikes: nosy people, spiders.

Birthday: 3rd November


Tammy was born in a small village near Stoke Mandeville, and has never moved away, despite having grand designs to change the world. She married her husband, George, fairly young, and has worked as a secretary since she left school. She still works at the primary school Pip attended, which he sees more as something to be proud of than he did when he was still at school. She would often bring his lunch to the classroom, embarrassing him.

Pip is her only child, and she never really wanted more. She enjoys being a mum, but doesn’t think she’s very good at it, especially now George is gone. She has two sisters, Janet and Patricia, and is very close to her one surviving auntie, known affectionately as GAM. She and her sisters often meet in her kitchen to put the world to rights.

She loves making things, particularly knitting, and has tried to teach Pip many times over the years, but he’s never been able to get the hang of it.

Tammy was brought up in a Jewish household, but would refer to herself as “lapsed”. As George was not Jewish, they had a secular wedding, which caused some distance with her parents, as they were always more religious than the rest of the family, which is how she became close to GAM. Now her parents are gone, she tends to just celebrate the big festivals, as she always has. However, The Olivers always used to celebrate Hannukah, and so Pip has never had a “real” Christmas Day, until meeting Matthew.

Tammy is incredibly thoughtful, and accepting of most things. She has always answered Pip’s questions honestly, perhaps a little too honestly. Her openness and unflinching honesty, coupled with George’s strong work ethic (and long working hours), meant Pip’s childhood was different to that of his peers, although he didn’t realise until he was well into his twenties.


Tammy is an amalgamation of all of the best parts of Chloe’s own parents (while George is probably all of the worst parts). Her appearance was chosen specifically to look “as much like everyone’s mum as possible”, although the curly hair is a reference to Chloe’s own mum. Her birthday is the same as Chloe’s.

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